Establishing a Golf Handicap

For me or not for me … that is the question!

Establish a handicap?That’s a point to ponder as we start the season.Many recreational golfers never do; others find it an elemental part of the game.

What is a golf handicap index?
The USGA Handicap System enables golfers of all skill levels to compete on an equitable basis.Read more from the experts – USGA Handicap Manual and GAM’s Handicapping For Dummies – Back to Basics.

WHEN to consider establishing a handicap
If you are just learning golf and spend most of your time taking lessons or practicing, it’s probably too early for a handicap.If you’re playing 9 or 18-hole rounds, you’re ready.

WHY establish a handicap nike air max shoes

  • Competition – Handicaps are required to play in officially sanctioned tournaments.
  • Leagues & Events – Handicaps accurately measure skill and enable players of all levels to compete against each other.That’s fun and fair for everyone, whether it’s league play, a special event such as an invitational, or a round with friends.  Sometimes non-beginner leagues and special events require handicaps.
  • Incentive to practice and improve – Is there any better reward than watching your handicap index drop?Set a target number and see if you can get to it.

Establishing a handicap index is not difficult

  1. Ask your club or public course if they provide handicapping services.Very likely, they are a Golf Association of Michigan member club, and you can join. There will be a small fee. Miles of Golfis a GAM member club.
  2. Submit a minimum of five 18-hole rounds to establish a handicap.
  3. Keep submitting your 9- and 18-hole scores.
  4. As a GAM member, you can enter your scores on the GAM web site.You’ll receive a monthly email with your current handicap index.

A GAM membership offers you other benefits too! new balance 2000

  1. Swing & Save at golf courses around the state
  2. Exclusive Tee Times at private clubs
  3. Michigan Links Course Directory
  4. GAM competitions
  5. 1 Year subscription to Golf Digest Magazine
  6. And more!

A handicap index does NOT describe your AVERAGE golf score!
It’s all about potential, and it’s based on your average number of strokes over par on a good day.Really, a golfer plays to her handicap in only one out of four rounds.

There’s lots to learn about the golf handicap index.  Establishing one for yourself is a good way to start.

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