Golf Grips – What to Do, What to Know

The grip is our personal connection to our golf club – so why do we neglect and mistreat them?Grips that are ill-fitting or worn impact swing mechanics and ball path – and not in a good way.

Be smart about your grips – here are 4 questions to get you there – with special thanks to the always-informative Brent Norton, VP, Miles of Golf Shop Operations.

Do you clean and brush your grips regularly?
Dirt and hand oils cause natural degradation and make grips hard and slick.You want them tacky!Use hot soapy water on them to keep them clean.

Is your grip the right size?
A grip that’s too small promotes too quick hand rotation, resulting in a draw or hook.A grip that’s too big hinders or slows club rotation.Have your grip size assessed next time you get your grips replaced.

What about the style of a golf grip?
There are many styles of golf grips – and selecting one is a personal preference.The one that feels good to you is the one you want.

When do you need to replace your grips?
Materials age and wear with time and use.  If you play 4 times a week or more in hot, humid conditions you may need to replace grips every 6 months.  An infrequent golfer will want to consider regripping every 2 years.  A worn, hard, shiny grip makes us subconsciously hold the club too tightly.  Tight means tension, and tension means a host of bad things in the world of golf. nike free 5.0 shoes
Pay attention to your golf grips – they’ll pay you back with better play.

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