How To Keep Your Golf Grips Dry

Grippy, not slippy!

June was remarkably rainy (4th rainiest on record in Ann Arbor area) and July is starting out distinctly damp.  Super-thick rough and rescheduled outings are facts of life this sodden summer – but wet golf grips, now there’s a problem we can do something about.
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A slippery grip is a lousy connection to the club. So, whether it’s the morning dew or an afternoon cloudburst, here are 7 tips to keep your grips nice and dry.

  1. Don’t be timid about the towels. Grab some extras and stow them IN YOUR BAG where they stay dry.
  2. Keep off the (Wet) Grass. I always admire my savvy friends who never let the grip of an extra club lie on the wet, dewy grass.  They place it on a towel or prop it up on a tee while making their next shot.  Everyone should have golf-smart friends who lead by example.
  3. Gloves galore. An extra glove or two in your bag is peace of mind.  If the glove you’re wearing gets wet, just swap it out.
  4. Cover up. Most bags come with a rain cover.  Use it!  A cover keeps rain from seeping down into the depths of the bag, to those hard-to-dry places where your grips lie.
  5. Invest in a golf umbrella and holder for your cart. This rig keeps the umbrella over your bag, keeping things dry.  Plus, you don’t have to put the umbrella down on the ground when you make a shot.
  6. Look the part. I love the way the pros’ caddies keep a towel under the umbrella, hanging it from the spokes, high and dry and ready to give a grip a good rub.
  7. Rain Gloves. For really wet conditions, get a hold of a pair of rain gloves.  Footjoy makes a nice pair and for about $20 you can really get a grip on your clubs and your game.

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