Huron Valley Women’s Golf Club Details

3/14/2023.  For up to date information about leagues, please visit

Experienced golfers (handicap 53.9 or less) looking for some friendly competition and beginners (no handicap required) on a quest to improve their game can find a league appropriate for them through the Huron Valley Women’s Golf Club (HVWGC) in Southeastern Michigan.

Competitive and Starter leagues begin in the spring and run through the glorious Michigan summer on a variety of golf courses in and around Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County and the surrounding areas. Leagues play on a variety of days using both 9- and 18-hole formats. 

People can start signing up in November and we recommend that.  Our non-competitive leagues tend to fill later as new ladies start to think about golf in February/March but this year those are very popular also and have filled early.  

We do have wait lists and also have members who only want to sub.    Subs are ALWAYS needed and it’s a good way for ladies to check out different courses and leagues at a very low costs.  9-hole league subs pay $10 and 18-hole league subs pay $15.  Very nice deal and great way to meet meet people. 

Members on wait lists. often can get in.  We have people who change their plans or we are able to add more tee times so that’s always an option in addition to joining as a sub. 

HVWGC, a non-profit established in 1991, complies with the USGA Rules of Golf and the World Handicap System.  The Golf Association of Michigan (GAM) provides handicap services through GHIN, the USGA Golf Handicap Information Network.  Our members really know and learn how to golf!