BASIXX Club Fitting: High-Lofted Fairway Wood

We play better with clubs suited to our individual swings … and playing better is so much fun! Get a club fitting … have more fun!

Step into a club fitting studio at Miles of Golf and you’re in for a treat. There’s an almost spa-like feel – quiet and private. The walls are lined with the demo clubs. There’s TopTracer technology on hand, but that’s not the central player. That starring role goes to the MOG certified club fitter, in our case, Jacob Coudret, affable, approachable, and supremely knowledgeable.

As we step inside we know we’re in for a great time. So begins our BASIXX
fitting session, on the hunt for a high-lofted fairway wood – a 9 wood.

The Buzz about High-Lofted Woods

High-lofted fairway woods are having a moment.  Says Golf Magazine:

“Professionals have been switching in droves to higher-lofted fairway woods. While long irons and even hybrids can be difficult to hit because of their small heads, high-lofted fairways offer higher launch, spin and forgiveness to help hit the ball longer and straighter.”

Getting Started

Jacob gathers up some demo clubs while I warm up with my own 6 iron and 7 wood. He’s making some mental notes. It’s all very low-key and relaxing. Then we’re down to business,

Meet Some New Fairway Woods


The next step is a cross between speed dating and a kid in a candy shop. Jacob offers a number of clubs from different manufacturers.  Lighter, heavier, longer, shorter – it’s fun to try them out. As a certified club fitter, Jacob has a trained eye – and he’s got TopTracer as well which he uses to make the case. Back and forth we go with these clubs. Finding the right one is a combo of facts and feel.

The Verdict


Sometimes it’s a lightning bolt, a club that awes with feel and performance, seemingly made just for you. Hitting the XXIO 12 Fairway Wood was a wow moment, again and again. Even mishits were good.  Interesting though, there’s not always a Eureka moment – in 2021 I went home with the 14-year-old driver I came with, secure – and surprised – in the knowledge that that club was best for me.


    • Leave your preconceptions at the door. “I like a heavier club”  … then left with the lightest club on the market.

    • Looks matter. A club’s appearance to you at address is important. Visual clues (or distractions) factor into how you hit the ball.

    • It isn’t just a fitting – it’s an education. Jacob explained the dynamics of getting the ball up in the air to travel farther.  We talked lofts throughout the bag.

    • It isn’t just a fitting – it’s a blast.

The Good Golf Partner – A Fine Art

There’s a personal pantheon of folks I love to play golf with. They have that spot-on combo of thoughtfulness and golf smarts. Some have a great game of golf and others are almost beginners. What they have in common is the fine art of being a good golf partner.

After you’ve trekked together over hill and dale, missing shots, finding hazards, taking penalties, are there smiles for the mission accomplished? That’s what a good partner brings to the game.

Here are some good partner habits worth acquiring…

Be on Time
There’s so much to think about on the first tee – “Where is my partner?” shouldn’t be in anyone’s mental mix. Get to the course early with plenty of time for all the pre-game details. Orderly and unrushed – that’s a great way to start a round together.

Be Quick
We’re not talking speed golf here, just an ever-efficient mindset. Gauge yardage, select a club, read greens while others are playing – when it’s your turn, you’re ready. Be smart with your cart too.

Attitude is everything.
No matter how you’re playing, keep it upbeat. Stressed out? No sharing. Your bad mood is no one’s idea of a good day on the golf course.

4 Eyes Are Better Than 2
Always track the path of everyone’s ball, and join in the search when a ball is lost.

Be Prepared
An extra ball marker, energy bar, the tab for the snack cart, the tip at the pro shop – those are the little kindnesses a good partner has at the ready and offers up at just the right moment. The small, thoughtful gesture goes far on the golf course.

Just Don’t Offer Up Any Unsolicited Golf Advice
The reasons are too numerous, and the consequences too complex to mention. Unless you’re a golf pro, keep your personal “6 Sure Steps to a Better Golf Swing” all to yourself.

And last, but surely not least …
Raise a glass to the good golf partner, she of generous gestures and bullet
proof humor. Long may we appreciate what she does for our golf game!

This article was first published in May 2012.