Keep a Golf Journal – Swing Thoughts Simplified

Golf lessons, friends’ advice, magazine how-to’s, golf on TV, our own experiments, and practice, practice, practice – these are the many good, bad and sometimes successful ways we get better at golf. And then it’s crunch time. We stand over a ball with a lot of thoughts and it can be, well … confusing. Shoulder, … Continue reading “Keep a Golf Journal – Swing Thoughts Simplified”

Golf Journal Is A Golf Gem

There’s a fabulous golf improvement device, sure to improve your game, and it only costs a couple of dollars.  Run, don’t walk, to your nearest office supply store and pick up a notebook and pencil.  It’s one of the greatest golf aids around — your own golf journal. nike max breathe free ii Golf is … Continue reading “Golf Journal Is A Golf Gem”

Golf Goals – Get Focused, Keep Motivated

Doesn’t everyone want to get better at golf? Of course! And “get better at golf” means something different to each and every player. Maybe it’s a lower handicap, or a higher level of comfort and confidence. Maybe it’s all about having more fun with the game. Think about what “get better at golf” means to … Continue reading “Golf Goals – Get Focused, Keep Motivated”

Practice Away the Bunker Blues

How often does this happen? You’ve hit your ball into a bunker and now you stand over it, uncertain of what exactly to do. You take a swing.  The ball goes a few feet and lodges close to the lip of the trap. Now the lie is worse, your confidence is gone, and your mental … Continue reading “Practice Away the Bunker Blues”

Reading Greens & Lining Up Putts – Direction in Putting

A well-struck putt heading confidently to the cup begs just one question – “Why can’t I do that every time!?” Improve your odds for a great putt by starting the ball on line to the cup, getting it going in the right direction. Establish a process of reading a green and lining up a putt, … Continue reading “Reading Greens & Lining Up Putts – Direction in Putting”

Mind Management in Golf

Holistic or half-baked, savvy or silly, whatever your opinion, the coaching methods of two women have taken the LPGA by storm.  Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott have the pros singing and “snowboarding” on the Tour. free nike sneakers Both have serious golf backgrounds.  Nilsson spent 5 years on the LPGA tour, 10 years as head … Continue reading “Mind Management in Golf”