Putting for Distance – Getting It Close

Sandy’s Suggestions for Lag Putting
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There are two things to concentrate on when putting – distance and direction.  While most players can putt in the direction of the hole, they often end up 10 feet short or 10 feet past it.  A 2-putt becomes a 3-putt and the score grows.  Controlling distance – lag putting – is essential for success on the green.

  • The key to lag putting is the size of your stroke.  Think about making your backswing the same size as your follow-through swing.  If you swing the putter back 10″, try to follow through the same distance.  Think of a pendulum.
  • Putt with a consistent pace, one that you are comfortable with.  With a constant pace, a steady tempo in back swing and follow-through, you simply control the distance by the length of your swing.
  • Don’t try to control distance by the force of your putting stroke, ie. “how hard or softly you hit the ball.”  Many players mistakenly try to hit a putt really slowly on short putts and really hard if they have a 30 footer.
  • Take the little muscles out of the equation.  Don’t use your wrists.  It’s an arm-shoulder-trunk muscle movement you’re after.
  • A consistent method of putting with solid contact makes it easier to adjust to variables such as moisture, grass conditions and, yes, wind.
  • Practice, practice, practice.  Putts are a good 1/3 of your game.  They deserve 20 minutes of your one-hour practice!

A good lag putt positions the golfer for a simple and easily makeable follow-up putt.  Kiss those 3-putts goodbye.
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