Fall is Prime Practice Time – Some Ideas To Try

With a little cooperation from Mother Nature and some smart clothing choices, we can enjoy golf on and on through the fall season. It’s a splendid time to work on your game – the courses aren’t crowded and you can accomplish a lot. Here are two fun practice ideas that I use with the Women’s Golf Team at Eastern Michigan. Don’t forget your wooly hat!

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Car Trunk Lock-Away
One of the things I like to do is play a round of golf with just a few clubs, bringing along my least-used ones. Put the rest in the car trunk or you might be tempted to pull them out. Try using as few as 2 or 3 clubs; the experience will be very educational. I had my EMU team use only their odd or even golf clubs. Besides the feedback that their bags were lighter 🙂 , they all liked the experience because they had to be creative and hit clubs different distances with smaller or bigger swings. Their creative side was turned on.

Six Club Up-and-Down
Choose 6 different clubs, maybe a hybrid, 5 iron, 7 iron, 9 iron, pitching and sand wedges. It can be any combination of clubs. Pick one spot to chip from. From that spot chip one ball to the hole and putt it out. In order to get an up-and-down, your score would be 2 – one chip and one putt. Try to get up and down with each of the 6 clubs. Women on the EMU team get up and down with those 6 clubs and do it in a row! That will be the most challenging up and down game you will ever play. Hole it or not, you will learn what those 6 clubs do when you chip them, and you’ll learn to pick a different landing spot for each club.

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Unleash your creativity this autumn!