Kendall Academy at Miles of Golf

A Golf Instruction Gem Right Around the Corner

Did you know that Kendall Academy is home to 5 of Golf Digest’s top 15 golf instructors in Michigan? True!  Paul Haase (5), Dave Kendall (8), Jeff Goble (13), Jack Seltzer (14) and Tom Harding (15) are the fab five.  Kendall’s a golf instruction gem right in our own backyard. new balance nyc
With that in mind, 4 of us are planning a 3-day golf “get-away” – all the way to Kendall Academy on Carpenter Road!  Why go any farther?  Jim Yuhaz, Director of Instruction, will be our intrepid teacher. We’re headed to Kendall because it’s:

  • Custom-designed just for us – and our schedules
  • Flexible – instruction can adapt to our “unique” games
  • Inclusive – we four have different levels of golf experience
  • An awesome social outing for us!
  • Local. When it’s over, we know where to find Jim for a follow-up!

The founder and president of Kendall Academy, is the ever-affable, approachable Dave Kendall.  “Golf’s a social thing,” he says. “Being with friends and having fun is a large part of it.”  Right you are, Dave.  We’ll see you over there next week! footlocker nike free

The Good Golf Partner – A Fine Art

There’s a personal pantheon of folks I love to play golf with.They have that spot-on combo of thoughtfulness and golf smarts.Some have a great game of golf and others are almost beginners.What they have in common is the fine art of being a good golf partner.

After you’ve trekked together over hill and dale, missing shots, finding hazards, taking penalties, are there smiles for the mission accomplished? That’s what a good partner brings to the game.

Here are some good partner habits worth acquiring…

Be on Time
There’s so much to think about on the first tee – “Where is my partner?” shouldn’t be in anyone’s mental mix.Get to the course early with plenty of time for all the pre-game details.Orderly and unrushed – that’s a great way to start a round together.

Be Quick
We’re not talking speed golf here, just an ever-efficient mindset.Gauge yardage, select a club, read greens while others are playing – when it’s your turn, you’re ready. Be smart with your cart too.

Attitude is everything.
No matter how you’re playing, keep it upbeat.Stressed out?No sharing.Your bad mood is no one’s idea of a good day on the golf course.

4 Eyes Are Better Than 2
Always track the path of everyone’s ball, and join in the search when a ball is lost.

Mind the Flagstick
Simple, yes.Overlooked, often. If you’re closest to the pin, pull it.If you putt out first, move over near the flagstick so you can pick it up and replace it when everyone’s done.It’s all about efficiency and doing your part.

Be Prepared
An extra ball marker, energy bar, the tab for the snack cart, those are the little kindnesses a good partner has at the ready and offers up at just the right moment.The small, thoughtful gesture goes far on the golf course.

Just Don’t Offer Up Any Unsolicited Golf Advice
The reasons are too numerous, and the consequences too complex to mention.Unless you’re a golf pro, keep your personal “6 Sure Steps to a Better Golf Swing” all to yourself.

And last, but surely not least …
Raise a glassto the good golf partner, she of generous gestures and bullet-proof humor
. Long may we appreciate what she does for our golf game! air max 180

Golf Rule 18-2b – Welcome Wind of Change in 2012

Thank you to Jeanne Meyers, GAM Assistant Director of Rules & Competition, for helping us understand the Rules!

Webb Simpson led by 1 stroke in the final round of the 2011 New Orlean’s Classic. On the green at address, putter 4-5 inches behind the ball, he saw the wind move the ball about 1/4″.  Simpson called a penalty on himself – one stroke.  With the score tied, he was forced to a playoff which he then lost.  His tournament win slipped away because of wind.

This year one of golf’s most unpopular Rules,18-2b, now has a welcome exception. new balance 410

Rule 18-2b. If a player’s ball in play moves after he has addressed it (other than as a result of a stroke), the player is deemed to have moved the ball and incurs a penalty of one stroke.
Exception: If it is known or virtually certain that the player did not cause his ball to move, Rule 18-2b does not apply.

This exonerates a player if it is known that she did not cause her ball to move. Example: if a gust of wind  moves her ball after it has been addressed, there’s no penalty and ball is played from its new location.

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