Learning to Play on the Golf Course

Play Your Way
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The beauty of golf is that players of very different skill levels can play together and have a marvelous outing.  The key is maintaining a good pace of play and keeping it fun for all.  Maybe you are a new golfer, just learning the game or, a seasoned golfer eager to take a new player out on the course.  Here are 7 suggestions to help ensure a great time for everyone in your group – and the group in back of you too!

  1. Who doesn’t love a scramble?! Everyone plays from the best ball position every shot.  Team spirit, low stress.
  2. Create a Forward, Forward Tee. Tee it up at the 150 marker at each hole.
  3. Get Me Outta Here.  If you land in trouble – bunker, woods – just place your ball back in the fairway.
  4. Time Out. If your mind is melting in frustration or boredom, sit out a hole.  Help your group by looking for balls, minding the flag, etc.
  5. Tee for Me. Tee your ball up in the fairway.  It’s easier to hit and everyone loves a well-struck ball.
  6. Pick It Up. Put your ball in your pocket after 8 to 10 shots – or fewer if you’re using too much time.
  7. Play Five Shots Only Golf. On each hole take one tee shot, one fairway shot, one chip and two putts.  Place the ball where you like for each shot.  You’re practicing all kinds of shots.

The inspiration for this post came from the blog, Women On Course – Tales From the Tee.
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