Debunking Golf Myths – Part 1

“You can take the ball back on the line of flight.” True or False?

The most widespread myth is that when taking relief from a water hazard or an unplayable lie, you may take the ball back on the line of flight.  You may not do that in any circumstance!  Neither rule says anything about “line of flight.”
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One of the options under the water hazard rule is to drop behind the hazard – keeping the point where the ball last crossed the margin of the hazard directly between the hole and the spot on which the ball is dropped.
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The unplayable ball rule has a similar option – to drop a ball behind where the ball lies unplayable, keeping that point directly between the hole and the spot on which the ball is dropped.
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Jeanne Myers, GAM Assistant Director of Rules & Competitions

Buying Your First Set of Golf Clubs

Does my tennis-loving friend Janet play with a wooden racket like Bjorn Borg in the 1970’s?  Not for a minute. So after a couple of weeks using Borg-era golf clubs in her beginner lessons, she was eager to find out what new clubs could do for a beginner.

What should you consider before purchasing that first set of golf clubs? What’s the process at Miles of Golf? What did Janet find out?

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Evaluate your level of interest and dedication before you set foot in a golf shop

  • Do you have personal golf goals, however rudimentary? Playing in retirement or making a team, joining a league, playing with a spouse, learning golf for business – these are good beginner golf goals.
  • Will you be taking lessons and practicing?
  • Do you have time to practice and play?
  • What budget do you have in mind?

Check, check, check, said Janet. So she set up a time to meet Pete Farner, Miles of Golf Club Fitter. Here’s how it went…

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Off to the Cluboratory – Private, Sheltered, Filled with Clubs
The Cluboratory at Miles of Golf is equipped with state-of-the-art ball launch monitors to satisfy the needs of high-level players who come from all over the area. But hear this, it’s also a comfortable place where a beginner can work one-on-one with an expert who has experience fitting ALL LEVELS of players.

Intros & Insights
Janet and Pete spend several minutes talking about goals, skill, and budget.

Warm Up
While Janet loosens up with a 7 iron, Pete gathers some clubs that he wants her to try.
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Try, This … And This … And Let’s Try This One Again
After several minutes with one 7 iron, Pete substitutes another and then another. He’s looking at length and lie angle. They try a shorter shaft and revert to a longer one. By process of elimination and examination, two clubs are obvious favorites. Janet is a beginner (consistency-challenged!) yet there are obvious standouts.

Tech Talk
Pete explains the benefits of perimeter weighting of the club head, and the trampoline effect of the thinner face of cavity backed heads. This sounds hard, but he’s a master explainer. And let’s not forget the things a graphite shaft can do for our golf games!
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“I’ve Seen It All”
The vibe of the session is low-key and comfortable. No pressure to hit a stellar shot, no cringing when one goes wild – Pete’s seen lots of golfers with many levels of “skill.”

Back to the Favorites – And Then to THE Favorite
More hitting with the two 7-irons that Pete and Janet have zeroed in on. More discussion. One club is identified, and the set it comes in is well within the budget.

Into the Shop and Out the Door
Janet meets her new bag of clubs, the Square Two Lady Bliss Full Set, everything from putter to driver. The fitting with Pete costs $25, but it is refunded because she purchased clubs. She doesn’t forget a range card with $10 – that’s a Miles of Golf Women’s Club benefit, so if you haven’t asked for one, do it!
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Long-Term Planning
Janet’s clubs are a suitable for learners and designed especially for women. In a few years, she’ll consider more advanced clubs. Right now, as a beginner, she can concentrate on lessons, learning and practice, assured that she has technology on her side. The latest clubs make golf so much easier – and that makes it fun-ner!

PS. Bjorn Borg won 4 Wimbledon’s with his beloved Donnay Allwood.