Kendall Academy at Miles of Golf

A Golf Instruction Gem Right Around the Corner

Did you know that Kendall Academy is home to 5 of Golf Digest’s top 15 golf instructors in Michigan? True!  Paul Haase (5), Dave Kendall (8), Jeff Goble (13), Jack Seltzer (14) and Tom Harding (15) are the fab five.  Kendall’s a golf instruction gem right in our own backyard. new balance nyc
With that in mind, 4 of us are planning a 3-day golf “get-away” – all the way to Kendall Academy on Carpenter Road!  Why go any farther?  Jim Yuhaz, Director of Instruction, will be our intrepid teacher. We’re headed to Kendall because it’s:

  • Custom-designed just for us – and our schedules
  • Flexible – instruction can adapt to our “unique” games
  • Inclusive – we four have different levels of golf experience
  • An awesome social outing for us!
  • Local. When it’s over, we know where to find Jim for a follow-up!

The founder and president of Kendall Academy, is the ever-affable, approachable Dave Kendall.  “Golf’s a social thing,” he says. “Being with friends and having fun is a large part of it.”  Right you are, Dave.  We’ll see you over there next week! footlocker nike free

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