Fun and Games for Golf Outings

Everybody’s played longest drive or putt, closest to pin or line, etc.  Lately we’ve come across some extra-special games that we’ve collected for our readers. nike air max light
Tried and True Games For Individual Holes

  • Longest drive on fairway
  • Closest to line
  • Longest Putt
  • Closest to pin (Par 3, first shot; Par 4, second shot)

Golfer Assistance – Free or for Purchase

  • Mulligans
  • Hand Wedges – 2 per player.  Each player gets to toss her ball out of trouble anywhere on course
  • 24” of paper tape – use anywhere on course, especially on green to finish putt without an additional stroke.  Rip off portion used … until it’s all gone!
  • Pro hits a drive for each team, or for each player on one hole

Why Didn’t We Think of This?!

  • Multiple Pin Placement – A green is set up with multiple holes/flags, say 3.  Team may use the pin that best suits their team
  • Use worst ball on a designated hole
  • Kamikaze Putting – pre-event fun
    Give each event participant a numbered range ball and gather everyone around a practice green.  At signal, everyone tries to putt out to a selected hole.  Players run and get another ball to putt until someone is successful.  Winner gets a prize.
  • Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day Outings
    Each player adds her handicap and par for her “number.”  Give each player a small American flag on a small flagstick.  When player has reached her “number” in the round of play, she plants her flag.  As play progresses, more and more flags appear on the course.  Draw a winner from those who finish play with their flag.  It’s a great effect to see flags around the course.

There’s lots of room for creativity – and for more ideas to add to this post.  Please do! air max 90s

One thought on “Fun and Games for Golf Outings”

  1. Some events at a scramble: Closest to the green without getting on, Closest to a flag placed somewhere on the fairway, could be over a hill or such, so it would be “blind luck” to get close to it. Tee off at different tee boxes, if you usually tee off on White, use the Gold, If the gold is the usual start, tee off from Red. If you have a water hazard, closest without going in.

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