4 Reasons to Join a Golf League

Thinking about joining a golf league, but nervous?  Or maybe you’re seeking more structure in your golf, or more partners, or more fun/focus/competition? This post is for you …

There’s a golf league for EVERYONE – and now’s the time to join. Here’s reasons why:

  1. A League for Every Taste and Talent – There are leagues for learners and leagues for old hands, leagues geared for working folks, leagues that travel to the most challenging courses in the area, leagues that offer tournaments, morning leagues, evening leagues – you name it, you can find it.
  2. Play More, Play Focused – Leagues put a golf date on our calendar so every week we’ve got at least one game. Plus, the structured format of league play makes us focus – you can’t get that exact, zoomed-in level of attention at a driving range.
  3. Friends Indeed – League play opens up a world of new playing partners – and friends. You’re sure to find folks whose golf game attitudes match your own. And don’t forget about old friends – leagues can foster the bonds of those connections too.
  4. Pay As You Go – Cost is typically based on how many events you choose to play.