Power of Positive Thinking

womens golf power of positive thinkingEver ask yourself why you have golf holes that you love and golf holes that you hate at the golf course you play most often? Do you wonder why you keep hitting it in that same bunker? Ever wonder why you can’t hit it over the water on the 18th hole at Michigan? What about those pine trees that always swallow your ball on #1 at Georgetown?
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All of these questions can be answered if you look at your mental golf game. I think it is comical when I hear a player say, “I knew I was going to do that”. My comment back would be “then why did it happen?”

The power of your thoughts made it happen. We often tell ourselves what not to do instead of telling ourselves what we want to do with the golf ball. The next time you have to hit a ball over the water, why don’t you keep the same favorite ball you have been playing with instead of swapping it out for the “water ball”? Labeling it the “water ball” usually means one thing for that poor little white ball – it is going to get wet! Why don’t you try this exercise the next time you are faced with this situation – tell yourself where you positively want to hit that ball and say “watch this”!
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Think, see, and feel what you want to do with the golf ball, instead of what you fear you might do or have done in the past. It’s the healthier way to play this game and you will be surprised by the outcomes! Would we ever drive a car if we thought we would get in an accident every time we got behind the wheel? Probably not, but we continue to get in accidents on the course because of the way we approach the shots mentally. We approach with fear. Change your thinking process to something positive and the outcome has to change.
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Next time you are playing your least favorite hole, tell yourself what you want to do with the ball, pick the smallest target possible and say “watch this”! Those are confident words and need to be spoken with conviction either out loud or in your head. Whether the outcome is what you want it to be isn’t the important thing. What you believe you can do, is!